Simara / Birgunj Airport

A flight to Simara airport is the shortest flight in Nepal, with a flying time of just 15 minutes. The airport is 18 kilometers from the city of Birgunj, a major city and trading route between India and Nepal.

Birgunj is the entry point to Nepal from Patna and Calcutta, and has significant economic importance for Nepal as a large part of goods enter Nepal through Birgunj via Raxaul on the Indian side.

Simara / Birgunj Airport

Simara Airport

Simara Airport map


 Airport Type 
Pipara Simara / Birgunj, Nepal 
450 ft / 137 m
27°09′34″N 084°58′48″E
Runway Length 
3,911 ft / 1,192 m
Runway Type